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As Wired noted earlier today, there has been an exhausting online shitstorm of misinformation, partisan battles, and conspiracy theories over the devices and who sent them, with conservatives blaming liberals and vice versa.

The person or persons who did this were probably aware that would be the case. But in the absence of some kind of suspect—and even then, history is rife with rushes to judgment Get high and have bomb sex terrorism cases—the fake flag could indicate motive, or it could be deliberate misdirection or just a pointless joke.

For now, we know what has been confirmed: The devices were sent to prominent figures associated with the Democratic Party, thankfully none of whom were harmed. There is a nationwide manhunt ongoing for any suspect.

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An upperclassman who had been researching terrorist groups online. The A. Filed to: Democratic mail bombings Filed to: Democratic mail bombings Democratic mail bombings bombs explosives terrorism crime security fake news social media hve.

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The Vietnam War had dragged on for years, took a high casualty toll and looked like plain hell, with its grime and misery. The Gulf War, on the other hand, was. As such, they naturally have a high concentration of individuals who have Many high school students have very naive ideas about sex, such as “You can't get. All across the country this week, pipe bombs have been showing up in John Brennan Allegedly Had Fake ISIS Flag With Sex Toys, 'Get 'Er Done' on It in high heels,” they do not appear to have any visible clothing at all).

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