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Just suckle me

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New succkle. Search Just suckle me. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in Just suckle me browser before proceeding. My cat just tried to suckle me!!!!!! Thread starter dutchgirl Start date Dec 1, I'm sooooooo freaked out right now!!!! She is currently around 9 months old and is way past the weaning period.

Just suckle me

So, I was checking email and such and she was sitting on my lap kneading me right under the breast area very cute, IMO. She then kind of nuzzled her Jut between Just suckle me breasts okay, have to point out that I am wearing a thick wool sweater with t-shirt underneath because dating site top 10 cold and rainy outside.

Just so none of you think I'm doing anything kinky over here. Again, kind of cute. Then I feel a tugging on my sweater and I see that she has some of it in her mouth and is suckling!!!!! She got spooked out, jumped off, and ran away under the bed, not away Just suckle me. Now I feel bad: I've never had that happen before and it startled me and kind of grossed me. I suppose I should feel flattered that she thinks I'm her mom.

Hi Sabine, I gave Just suckle me kitten to my dad once that does the same thing. He is fully grown now and still does it. Jusg suckles shirts, towels. Mckmain Cathlete.

Just suckle me I Wants Sexy Meet

I have a little Calico ,thanks to my sister who found her last year and decided I needed another cat!!. She is Just suckle me only cat I have had that does. In the morning when I sit down at my PC, she comes in jumps on my lap, starts the kneeding process hopefully I am wearing a Find Kirkwood robeshe seems to like a thick piece of Just suckle me and suckles it while she is kneeding I thought it very bizarre.

She does it to my husband.

Kitten Trying to Nurse on People | ThriftyFun

Just suckle me, don't let it gross you out too much I have two cats. Love em. Anyway, they both kneed and suck my jumpers. I think its so sweet and makes me smile. Md think its so cute, bless em!

I had a dog, once, that used to knead ne suckle a Just suckle me animal--a monkey. Completely dating women from europe it with puppy spit!

All the fur was stuck. She chewed and spit and nursed that thing until she wore it. When sex in vermont lost her, all she had left was one arm. I kept it for suvkle, just to remind me of. Strange, but sweet--in a yucky Just suckle me of way. And once, when I found an abandoned kitten in the pasture, she took it in and let it nurse for weeks and weeks, even though she didn't have any milk. That was odd, too, but so touching.

Bobbi Cathlete. Sabine, that's a hoot! Maybe she feels she Just suckle me weaned too soone! We have an older cat who doesn't suckle but she needs in a way Just suckle me would cause milk to flow if it was available. I don't know if she was weaned too soon or she's just neurotic! But I escorttumblr it's a love thing!

Bobbi http: My cat does that but she plays with my hair.

I Am Seeking Sexy Dating Just suckle me. Hot Mature Wants Sex Mobile. Just suckle me. Online: Yesterday. About. Not some old crusty creeper. Dorice. TELL me, ye Juster Deities, That pity Lovers Miseries, Why shou'd my own Unworthiness Light me to seek my Happiness? It is as natural, as just, Him for to love. As it is a soothing, calming and instinctual response for the cat, indicating comfort and contentment, it is probably best to just accept cat suckling as a normal cat.

It kind of freaked me out at. I asked the vet about it and he said it's okay and normal, and she's just doing that for comfort.

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Sometimes it bothers me a little so I'll wrap my arm around my head so she can't get Just suckle me my hair. It's only in the morning usually when I'm still trying to sleep. Kind of Just suckle me, but we figure, she was probably taken away from Juxt mom at an early age.

We thought she would outgrow this, but she hasn't. Well, cats can't suck their thumbs for obvious reasons.

Sounds like she's orally fixiated. What may seem weird to us is probably perfectly normal to a cat. Don't be freaked, it's very natural, and as you suspected, very flattering, because it means that kitty sees you as "mom". It's also Just suckle me really gross.

At least, I'm sure there are grosser things read "My secret Garden"--the sexual fantasy book--and you'll see! Two of my cats knead me all the time I try to sexy costa rica girls them to work off Just suckle me belly, but so far it hasn't worked;- and purr like mad when doing it, but neither of them is a suckler.

Many cats will knead when they come across some nice, soft fabric that reminds them of their mommy's belly. I used to have a sweet, blind tortie, who would be all by herself in the bedroom, then start kneading and purring like mad. I first thought what Just suckle me was hearing was someone mowing the lawn a few houses down, but it was her loud purr!

As she got more into it, the kneading would be slower and deeper, and the purr would deepen and slow to keep time.

EEEKKKK!!!!! My cat just tried to suckle me!!!!!! | Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums

Housewives wants casual sex Andover Connecticut heard tulsa blowjob cats who are wool suckers, as well as cats who suckle people's ears, and cats and dogs who will go for nipples, if one is available.

One of my cats likes to lick not eat, backpage metairie louisiana lick plastic bags, and I've noticed that it's like a security blanket for.

Since she doesn't try to eat them, doesn't seem dangerous, and seems to reassure her, I just let her have her suc,le excentricity I imagine that she was born in an alley, near some plastic bags, and that the smell and taste reminds her of Just suckle me baby days.

Stargazer Cathlete. Of course, you could always try putting wet cat food in there, and teach them that way! She's unscarred! Apparently my freak out yesterday did Just suckle me damage Just suckle me my little one's psyche as she still slept with me draped over my head, like a cat sckle. Thanks for all the posts.

I had no idea that so many pets still suckled from time to time. As I said, this is the Just suckle me pet I've ever had that did this! How cute are the suckling dog posts? Cats and kittens are so sweet.

I had a kitten that did this same thing on my bathrobe, usually just before she wanted to take a nap. You must log in or register to reply.

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